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Vanuatu Superyacht AgentsSeal Superyachts Vanuatu

Formally established in September 2010 as Yacht Services Vanuatu. We specialize in providing exclusive agency, shore support/logistics & concierge services to visiting superyachts and VIP guests.

Our superyacht industry qualified, experienced and highly motivated team will assist you and your crew by providing the best superyacht agency and support services that Vanuatu has to offer.

We have the knowledge, the experience and the most comprehensive local network of partners to fully support all your requirements, so that you can focus on all the pleasures Vanuatu has to offer. Being based in Vanuatu year round, fully immersed in Vanuatu’s yachting industry allows us to offer that special extra level of service. We open up new unseen layers of Vanuatu for our customers.

We encourage you to contact us prior to your arrival to plan your trip and to let us know how we can be of assistance to you during your stay.

Team Profile

Superyacht Agent VanuatuJustin Jenkin – Director / Operational Support

Justin has had a professional career as captain of numerous day charter vessels (for 7 years) and then large luxury yachts (for another 10 years) in the USA, Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Pacific. He holds an MCA Master of Yachts 3000 gt Commercial Certificate of Competence.


Justin became an investor and resident of Vanuatu in 1997 when he first came to the country to open up a boat building, repair and joinery business with his family. He spent 3 years in that business and then returned to sea in 2000 to continue his career as captain on superyachts. The family joinery business is still operating today and works alongside Yacht Services Vanuatu when our customers require fine cabinetry work and shipwright services.

When Justin returned to Vanuatu in 2010 he launched Yacht Services Vanuatu – Vanuatu Superyacht Support.  Then in 2012, along with one other partner, he purchased Vanuatu’s only full service boatyard. The Port Vila Boatyard.

Justin is a marine surveyor and is the regional representative for the IYB (International Yacht Bureau)  He is the president of the Vanuatu National Sailing Association and the Vanuatu Yacht & Superyacht Association and a committee member of the Vanuatu Cruising Yacht Club.

Vanuatu yacht agentClaire Barkhuizen – Director/Agency Operations

Claire is an innovative entrepreneur. She uses a disciplined approach and likes to know the details as much as the big picture. Claire has a passion for helping others, service and travel, and she enjoys the opportunity to put her huge energy into helping the crew and owners of visiting Superyachts. She has a love affair with all things nautical, and has a growing interest in ocean swimming, despite her fear of sharks imagined or real.




Superyacht guide

Specialist Guides

To greatly enhance the many special experiences available in our beautiful country we have assembled and trained a specialist team of experienced and energetic guides who are always available to accompany yachts through the Islands.  All our guides live in Vanuatu year round and when not guiding on board a superyacht they work with us in our affiliated local yacht charter business. As a result of our full-time and busy yachting tourism operations these specialist guides know the islands best.



Superyacht Guides Vanuatu










Vanuatu BoatyardTechnical and Operational Support Team

Yacht Services Vanuatu resource sharing arrangement with our sister company’s the Port Vila Boatyard and Southern Cross Creations ensures access to over a dozen full time and part time local staff who cross over when needed to assist during the high season. The team consists of mechanics, carpenters, welders, cleaning and detailing crew.





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