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Agency Services

“Providing exclusive agency & concierge services to superyachts & discerning clientele.”


WP_20150503_032Top Superyacht Agent – Claire Barkhuizen

The dedicated and professional team at Yacht Services Vanuatu together with our select partners, service providers and guides, are ready 24/7, to respond to ALL your requests wherever you may venture.




Contact us We would love to help plan your unique “Vanuatu superyachting adventure”.

Services Include: Yacht Clearance Formalities, Charter planning assistance & support, Duty Free Bunkering, Outer Island Support, Experienced Yacht Guides & Dive Guides, Vanuatu’s Top Fishing Charter Vessels & Guides, Customized Itineraries, Engineering Supplies, Deck Supplies, Interior Supplies, Fresh & Organic Provisions, Cultural Tours, Technical Services & Support, Customs & Immigration Procedures, Day-workers & Tradesmen, Courier Services, Freight Handling, Banking Transactions, Legal Services, Emergency Medical Support, Exclusive Excursions, Hotel & Restaurant Reservations, Helicopter & Aircraft Rental, VIP Concierge Services and on-board entertainment.


For Information & Support Call Justin on +678 771 9174 | or Claire on +678 771 9175 | or email to: