I was fortunate enough to happen upon Claire and Justin from Vanuatu Yacht Services soon after I arrived in Port Vila.

I actually arrived by plane several days ahead of Alive (a 66ft canting keel reichel pugh racing yacht) and her 16 person crew as they completed the Melbourne to Vanuatu yacht race. My daunting task was to prepare all the things needs to get a Grand Prix racer and her large crew through customs, through quarantine, fed, accommodated, and prepared for the return journey as well as a organise a large function to celebrate the completion of the race. I had no idea how big a task I had set myself!

Fortunately I found Claire and Justin almost by accident but who proved to be absolutely fantastic.

I can not recommend them highly enough. They solved every single problem associated with a race boat and her large crew without even missing a beat.

To start, the clearance in and out of the country was smooth despite the Sunday arrival and Sunday departure (anyone who knows Vanuatu will know that this is a small miracle)!

Justin found us berthage (quite difficult for 4.5m draft) and water transport while Claire organised land transport, caterers, equipment and food. No request was too big or too small, and all of this in advance of the boat arriving and all at very short notice and no warning!

Justin through Port Vila Boat Services also arranged to have the boat cleaned thoroughly both inside and out, as well as all of the wet weather gear and berth cushions, which certainly made our trip home much more palatable.

I thoroughly recommend Justin, Claire, their staff, Vanuatu Yacht Services and Port Vila boat yard.

Kate Hine

Team Manager

Alive Yachting