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Superyacht Berth Port Vila

Superyacht Berth Port Vila

Superyacht Berth Port Vila

SEAL Superyachts Vanuatu has access to several private berths located in the capital, Port Vila.

These berths are suitable for motor and sailing yachts of up to approximately 70 meters LOA.

The berths have water, power, adequate parking and night time security and all withing close proximity to Port Vila’s shops and restaurants.

Our berthing options are perfect for customers staying in Vanuatu for guest turn-arounds and/or needing the convenience of being “on the dock” for a while, in between trips.

For more information or to make a booking, contact

SEAL Superyachts Vanuatu – the superyacht agency

Seal Superyachts Vanuatu

M/Y Nomadess

M/Y Nomadess

Helped open up new unseen layers of Vanuatu

Cruising in Vanuatu can be a confusing lesson in logistics for many superyachts. That’s when you need the help of a good agent; Justin and Claire of Seal Superyachts Vanuatu are those agents. Local and connected to the islands and islanders, they have been there and done that in Vanuatu. Having cruised here many times with our well-travelled owners, Claire and Justin helped open up new unseen layers for us to explore. Their connection to the various chiefs and network of first class guides made it easy to arrange one-of-a-kind excursions that will always be remembered. From captain and chief engineer to chef, not once did we hear it cannot be done from Seal Superyachts. After 39 years of running superyachts, I would not think of visiting Vanuatu without Claire and Justin on our team.

Vanuatu Superyacht Crew Services Adventure Boat

Vanuatu Superyacht Crew Services Adventure Boat

Vanuatu Superyacht Crew Services – Adventure Boat!

Yacht Services Vanuatu has a 28 ft Deep-V center consol boat available for those much needed crew recreation and adventuring days. “Assegai” is powered by a 250 hp Yamaha. The boat has plenty of space for fishing and spearfishing gear, surfboards, kites, camping gear and other kit.

The boat is hired out with one of our VYS skipper/guides who knows all the BEST spots around Efate and the surrounding nearby islands. You get to simply relax and enjoy the day or overnight trip away from everything.

Any and all yacht crew interested in a bit of fun R&R during the upcoming 2016 season can contact us for more information and to help you plan some awesome and recommended activities for your day off.

Send your message to: Vanuatu Superyacht Crew Services

South Pacific’s best provisioning

South Pacific’s best provisioning

Vanuatu Yacht Services – Provisioning Services

Vanuatu is becoming increasingly known in “yachting circles” for it’s delicious, abundant and organic produce. Organic tropical fruit and vegetables, beef, fish, coffee, nuts, oils etc. Yum!

Our customers all tell us that Vanuatu has “the best provisioning in the Pacific Islands”

Vanuatu Yacht Services are experts in the procurement of the finest fare on offer. In addition to knowing exactly where to get what and when locally, we also know what items may not be available locally and where to import those items from abroad.

Vanuatu Yacht Services have streamlined the process using our trusted overseas suppliers. We handle the time consuming importation process and careful, speedy delivery directly to our customers ensuring that your produce and supplies arrive on board in perfect condition.

We supply an excellent range of: wine, beer and spirits, fresh organic fruit and vegetables as well as the usual known brands of dry and wet goods, imported produce and specialty foods, lovely loose flowers and awesome floral arrangements.

Become an Expert in Vanuatu Cruising

Become an Expert in Vanuatu Cruising

Special Information for Captains’ and Charterers’

We want to help you become an expert in traveling through the outer islands of Vanuatu.

A great place to begin is by subscribing to our mailing list to keep updated through our news release and by following us on Facebook.

We know some fantastic online resources that will empower you to make cruising Vanuatu’s islands easy and enjoyable.

The Insiders Guide to Vanuatu

A downloadable guide with great content is really well worth it for serious Captains and Charterers who understand that knowledge is power. If you need information verified, please email us with your questions.

Clearance & Formalities

We don’t guarantee all content supplied in the above linked websites is up to date, however the content is a good starting point for growing your expertise.

When you are on Efate Island, we welcome you to join us on our adventures and escapades.

Empower yourself with excellent information, and be free to discover Vanuatu.

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