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November Nimbus

November Nimbus

November is a lovely time of the year for a cruise through the Islands. The anchorages are mostly empty, the trade winds have somewhat abated and afternoon thunderstorms become more common. The temperature is pretty much perfect…sea 28 degrees and air 28-30.

This year the fishing has been great throughout the month with schools of Mahi-Mahi and Yellowfin Tuna in abundance.

Rendezvous cuts gently through the water, making her way north, Port Havannah, Epi, Ambrym, Pentecost, Maewo…meeting friendly people wherever the anchor is set for the night.

One day merges with the next and before you know it time has been forgotten, you have truly become one with the pace of life in Vanuatu.

Feasts, ceremonies, amazing walks through the jungles, fishing, snorkeling…pretty much whatever you can imagine!

Vanuatu is a real paradise, one of the last unspoilt archipelagos in the Pacific.

Where to next? Come and see for yourself, Vanuatu is an incredible country.

To book your unique tailored Luxury Yacht Charter on Rendezvous contact…

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Lookem you soon long Vanuatu!


Vanuatu Yacht Services – Luxury Yacht Charters


Our Top Charter Yacht – Rendezvous

Our Top Charter Yacht – Rendezvous

The Beautiful 60 ft Luxury Charter Catamaran “Rendezvous” recently arrived in Vanuatu from the Caribbean.

Rendezvous has completed several successful charters since her arrival.

The guests absolutely love the yacht and have all booked to return next year for more fun and adventure.

For more information or to book your charter on Rendezvous, contact Justin at Vanuatu Yacht Services on OR +678 771 9174.

Vanuatu’s Upcoming Cultural Events & Festivals

Vanuatu’s Upcoming Cultural Events & Festivals


  • Back to my Roots Festival, North Ambrym, Olal Village, August 22 to 24, 2013
  • Twin Waterfall Festival, Banks Island, September 1, 2013
  • Giraren Festival, Malekula Island, DTBA
  • Rom Ceremonies, Ambrym Island, DTBA
  • Vanua Lava Festival, Vanua Lava Island, September 1 to 5, 2013
  • Lalinda Festival, Ambrym Island, DTBA
  • Rom Ceremonies, Ambrym Island, DTBA

Vanuatu Yacht Services can arrange a traditional feast and ceremony  in remote destinations.

Cultural Tours

  • Marieu Garden Tour – Lamap
  • Bakro Tours Cultural Village Adventure – Efate
  • Batou Mahah Bariga, Kastom Dance Group
  • Big Nambas Tour At Mae, Malekula
  • Chief Roi Mata’s Domain, Efate
  • Espiritu Santo Cultural Tours, Santo
  • Paradise Tours, Santo
  • Fire Beach Cultural & Eco Tour, Malekula
  • Historical Site Tour at Wala Island, Malekula
  • Juboes Nguna Island Tours & Bungalows, Efate
  • Karngo Road Market & Eco Tours, Efate
  • Lelepa Island Tours, Efate
  • Leweton Custom & Cultural Village, Santo
  • Londot Traditional Arts Show, South Pentecost
  • Lowinia Man Nature Speaking Tour, Tanna
  • Marieu Garden Tour, Lamap, Malekula
  • Nafonu Tatoka Tours, Ekasup Cultural Village
  • Pentecost Falls Tour Operator, Pentecost
  • Ransuck Cultural Village, Santo
  • Sandy Beach Island Tour, Pele
  • Small Nambas tour at Rano, Malekula

Please see for detailed information about each tour.

Cultural experiences

As you travel through the chain of islands, you will encounter Ni-Vanuatu people living traditionally. Ni-Vanuatu people are friendly and respectful people who delight in sharing their customs with visitors. You may find yourself being invited to participate in ceremonies, hunting, bush craft, and other activities that are a part of daily life. If you do, please pay due respect and homage for this unique privilege.

Many of the people who live in the outer islands, have very limited access to trade. We suggest taking along bundles of clothing, (can be purchased in Port Vila from local second-hand clothing shops), ukuleles, mosquito bed nets, diesel, petrol and oil for running generators, batteries, sugar, rice and flour, and other “essential” items to give as gifts.

Vanuatu Yacht Services provides exceptional individualized assistance in creating an incredible cruising experience.