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Vanuatu’s Volcanoes

Vanuatu’s Volcanoes

Vanuatu’s Volcanoes are fairly easily accessible.

Mount Yassur on the island of Tanna being the most visited volcano in the country.

The twin volcanoes on Ambrym require slightly more technical support to ensure safety.

Seal Superyachts Vanuatu has partnered with Ultimate Volcano Expeditions for the ultimate volcano adventure!

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Our lovely archipelago

Our lovely archipelago

Vanuatu is is an island nation in the SW Pacific composed of over 80 islands with 2,528 kilometers of coastline and a total surface area of 12,189 square kilometers.

Vanuatu lies a mere 600 nm to the West of Fiji and 1000 nm East of the Australian East Coast making it a great stopover point for yachts heading across the Pacific or for those on a SW Pacific circuit from NZ – Fiji – Vanuatu – New Caledonia – Brisbane as an example.

Due to the many islands most of which are sparsely populated Vanuatu has an abundance of safe and absolutely beautiful, spectacular and unspoiled anchorages and bays. Each island, bay and village along the way brings a new and totally unique experience to the visitor.

Know for it’s excellent fishing, diving, sailing, unique cultural spectacles, awesome happy people, spectacular mountain walks and active volcanoes make Vanuatu a premier cruising destination or stopover for visiting yachts and superyachts.

Superyacht charter is officially allowed in Vanuatu due to recent changes in legislation.

We are your dedicated superyacht support agents who are based in the country year round.

Our strategic partnerships with other businesses and key individuals throughout Vanuatu ensure all our customers 100% trouble free cruising and the absolute best experiences available in the country at unbeatable prices. We have the insider experience needed to truly open the doors to the best that Vanuatu has to offer.

Contact Vanuatu Yacht Services for detailed information about cruising in Vanuatu, superyacht charter regulations and about how we can support your upcoming visit to our beautiful country.

Pillars of Vanuatu’s marine industry unite

Pillars of Vanuatu’s marine industry unite

VYS NEWS: Incorporation of Vanuatu’s marine industry association – The Vanuatu Yacht & Superyacht Association

In late 2014 after months of discussions between the key support pillars of Vanuatu’s marine industry, the Vanuatu Yacht & Superyacht Association was realized. This collaboration of the founding members marks a very important step towards meaningful and unified efforts for the real development of the yacht and superyacht industry in Vanuatu.



The founding members of the VYSA are:

  • Vanuatu Yacht Services – Vanuatu Superyacht Support Co. (Superyacht agents) (Est. 2010)
  • Yachting World Marina – (Port Vila Marina, Yacht & Superyacht Support and Waterfront Bar (Est. 1974)
  • Port Vila Boatyard – Vanuatu’s full service marine repair and haul out facility (Est. 1995)
  • Marine Surveyors & Consultants Vanuatu – Vanuatu’s most experienced and qualified yacht, superyacht and ship surveyors (Est. 2013)
  • Asanvari Bay Yacht Club – Asanvari Bay, Maewo (Est 1990)

This collaboration of Vanuatu’s most established and innovative marine businesses means better services and support for all customers using VYSA member businesses. “We have cemented our relationships for the greater good of all of our customers and for better more directed development of the industry within Vanuatu”. “We all realize that a close working collaboration is the only way for the industry to grow in our country”. “We want to make sure that Vanuatu does not end up with a thin and fickle marine industry that can not support the projected growth in the region”. “We have seen many expat service providers come and go over the years who damage the countries reputation and without any meaningful contribution to the long-term growth of Vanuatu’s marine industry”. “That negative publicity is a trend the VYSA aims to mitigate through this important unification of contributing member businesses”. “We have a strict code of ethics and conduct for members and we screen all new applicants carefully.” “All new members have demonstrated to us that they meet the associations requirements, that they are here to stay and to make their contribution to the local economy and to the growth of the marine tourism industry”.

The VYSA is setting the benchmark for quality services and support to ensure that yachting tourism is supported in the best possible way. The VYSA is the countries only yachting industry association and is endorsed by Vanuatu’s department of tourism which it works closely with for the development of this important segment of Vanuatu’s tourism industry.

With regards to yachting tourism there is much work ahead for both The Vanuatu Yacht & Superyacht Association and for Vanuatu’s Department of Tourism which is something that the two have embraced and are are taking in their stride. This initiative has been commended by various government departments all of whom see the importance of a close collaboration of private sector stakeholders, by way of a trade industry association working with local government departments.

“Each month we see new interest in Vanuatu as a yacht and superyacht destination and we are happy to be contributing towards growth and leading the way”.

Aside from the initial task of finding ways to ensure a better experience for those visiting our shores we are looking at ways to enable more local Ni-Vanuatu working as seasonal and later full-time crew on yachts. One of our member businesses Vanuatu Yacht Services – directed by Claire Barkhuizen and Justin Jenkin launched this initiative a few years back and have trained several excellent local yacht guides who regularly travel aboard superyachts to provide their customers with a truly unique Vanuatu experience. VYS and their guides have been praised by several superyacht captains and owners all of whom wanted to take the VYS guides with them when they were leaving the country. “We are very proud of our guides and as we train more we hope to then be able to give them the opportunity to experience traveling aboard yachts to other counties….as long as they come back home afterwards!”

Anyone wishing to contact the VYSA can send their message to:

See the links to some of the VYSA member businesses below:

Asanvari Bay Yacht Club

Yachting World Vanuatu

Marine surveyors & Consultants Vanuatu

Port Vila Boatyard

Vanuatu Yacht Services

Malaria and Dengue Report 2013

Malaria and Dengue Report 2013

It is cruising season in Vanuatu, and people from far and wide are here to sail and explore the archipelago. It’s the cool season too and thus the low transmission period of the year for Malaria and Dengue. In fact, Vanuatu enjoys up to seven months of a low transmission period for Malaria and Dengue fever.

The Vanuatu Ministry of Health, with the assistance of organizations such as AusAID, are tremendously proud to announce that malaria is almost eliminated in Vanuatu.

Malaria Facts:

There are two types of malaria that have very long scientific names, and are abbreviated as PS and PV. PS responds to medication and can be eliminated completely with treatment. PV remains in the liver after treatment and can reactivate in times of stress and low immunity.

In 2013, only two cases of Malaria have been reported on Tanna Island. Both cases were of the PV type, which means that there has been no active transmission of malaria at all.

Malaria prevalence is measured by measuring the Annual Parasite Incidence. The latest API is 3.6% nationally which translates into less than 600 cases per year.

The highest prevalence of Malaria exists in Penama and Malampa provinces. In Tafea Province, malaria is almost entirely eliminated. And there are very few cases in Torba.

The Malaria Network in Vanuatu is very strong. Vanuatu boasts 100% bed net coverage. Mosquitoes transmit malaria at night, so sleeping under nets has had a huge impact upon prevalence of malaria in Vanuatu. Indoor Residual Spraying has been very effective and is being carried out in a sandwich technique, meaning IRS has begun from North and South working inwards towards the central islands.

Preventing Malaria & Dengue Fever:

Recommended precautions include:

  • Applying mosquito repellant,
  • Wearing long sleeves and long pants when in high mosquito areas, e.g. forests and populated places from dusk till dawn,
  • Sleeping under a net if the room is not adequately screened or is built with natural materials,
  • Eliminating standing water in the vicinity.

Symptoms and treatment of Malaria:

The most common symptom of Malaria is fever. Should you develop a fever, it is most likely not malaria. However please insist upon an RDT. This is a Rapid Detection Test, available at health centers throughout Vanuatu. With a small drop of blood, the RDT can detect parasites within 5 minutes. Treatment for Malaria is also readily available. A three-day course of medication will quickly eradicate Malaria. Treating the fever without taking malaria medication results in high parasite levels and poses a significant threat to a person’s health and can be fatal.

So what about Dengue Fever? Due to the concerted and measurable efforts of the Malaria Network, dengue in Vanuatu has also been significantly reduced. Also, unlike the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu has a cool period, which results in a low transmission period of up to seven months.

Dengue Fever Facts:

Dengue is found in urban centers with crowded populations and lots of standing water. There were five reported cases of Dengue in the past year, however when the blood was sent for analysis it was found to be a water-born Leptospirosis and not Dengue causing the symptoms. There has been one death from Dengue this year, however the deceased had recently returned from the Solomon Islands, where dengue is transmitted all year round.

Mosquitoes transmit Dengue at dawn and dusk, so remaining cautious from sunset to full sunrise is important. Port Vila has not had an outbreak of Dengue in over ten years, and is much less prevalent in the islands where there is low population density. There is no treatment for Dengue, except to treat symptoms with pain and fever medication. Dengue will feel much like the flu and lasts up to several days.

Through March to November / December, it is very unlikely to contract Malaria or Dengue in Vanuatu. Consistent use of precautions all year round is recommended.

For cruising yachts, the risk is exceptionally low as the vessel itself is isolated from people and bush. Crew can diligently inspect cabins for mosquitoes and ensure the interior remains sealed from the outdoors by keeping doors and hatches closed before sunset and until after sunrise.

Vanuatu Yacht Services is grateful for information supplied by AusAID’s senior program manager for Health in Vanuatu, without whom this report would not be possible.