Superyacht Crew Services


As former crew we understand the long hours that all superyacht crew put in to keep everything running perfectly at all times. Out in the South Pacific this can often be compounded by long passages and weeks on board without being able to get off for a break.



Captains and Crew…We are here to help, when you finally get that break. We make sure that your free time is not wasted working out what to do on your day, or weekend off duty.

We provide you with the most relevant and current information needed to make the most of any downtime spent in Vanuatu. There are many great and unique activities and events going on all the time and our mission is to ensure that you get the information you need to make informed decisions for your well deserved break.

Some of what we offer may be tours and attractions available from well known and trusted tour operators and other activities may be completely tailored to your own individual needs, requests and desires. Or we may mix a special day up for you and surprise you. We have ALL the resources available to us to create unique adventures and experiences for you.

So whether you need a quick recharge spa treatment, some awesome uncrowded surf or a weekend getaway on a quiet island just let us know and we will make sure you are perfectly looked after or left completely undisturbed in your own piece of paradise.

We have an updated list of hand picked available activities and goings on that we are happy to e-mail to ANY yacht crew who make contact with us regardless of whether we are acting as your agent or not.

Our mission is to ensure that, not only your guests get to experience all the amazing things to see and do in Vanuatu, the crew get to experience that too. (or at least some of it!)

Please contact Claire on +678 771 9175 or Justin +678 771 9174

Send your message to: Special Superyacht Crew Services