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South Pacific Superyachting at it’s best – Vanuatu Superyacht Support

South Pacific Superyachting at it’s best – Vanuatu Superyacht Support


The Pacific Superyacht Explorer knows that Vanuatu is a bucket-list destination for all Superyachts planning to cruise the Asia Pacific region. Our clients all agree that Vanuatu is South Pacific Superyachting at it’s best.

For excellent & highly personalized superyacht support services contact Claire or Justin at Yacht Services Vanuatu – We bring the very best of Vanuatu to our clients every time.



If the following is not already on your Pacific bucket-list then we suggest that maybe they should be:

  • Tanna Volcano
  • Ambrym Volcano
  • Rom Dance
  • Vanuatu’s unique and authentic Cultural dances and spectacles
  • Diving the Tongoa Wall
  • Pentecost Land Diving
  • Port Vila Markethouse (The South Pacific’s best fresh produce market)
  • Diving the HMS President Coolidge and Million Dollar Point

Be sure to make Vanuatu part of your 2016 South Pacific Superyachting experience.

Yacht Services Vanuatu – Vanuatu Superyacht Support


PB Matua

PB Matua

Our vessel, PB Matua was en route to Singapore when the air con circulating pump failed. At very short notice Justin at Vanuatu Yacht Services sourced the required spare parts for the pump and also assisted with customs and immigration requirements for the vessel thus allowing the vessel to proceed on its voyage with minimal delay.

Ship Manager

M/Y Big Fish

M/Y Big Fish

Beautiful, Amazing & Helpful!

Reneé Dreyer, Chief Stewardess of TT BIG FISH50m Motor Yacht Big Fish

I would like to thank Vanuatu Yacht Services for providing us with an excellent service while we were in Vanuatu, as well as uncapped support that we needed so very much. You guys were extremely helpful during our time in Vanuatu in helping with provisions, shipping and going above and beyond to make sure our guests were taken care of.

I truly hope more yachts find their way to your beautiful county and your excellent service and support! – MY Big Fish

Pillars of Vanuatu’s marine industry unite

Pillars of Vanuatu’s marine industry unite

VYS NEWS: Incorporation of Vanuatu’s marine industry association – The Vanuatu Yacht & Superyacht Association

In late 2014 after months of discussions between the key support pillars of Vanuatu’s marine industry, the Vanuatu Yacht & Superyacht Association was realized. This collaboration of the founding members marks a very important step towards meaningful and unified efforts for the real development of the yacht and superyacht industry in Vanuatu.



The founding members of the VYSA are:

  • Vanuatu Yacht Services – Vanuatu Superyacht Support Co. (Superyacht agents) (Est. 2010)
  • Yachting World Marina – (Port Vila Marina, Yacht & Superyacht Support and Waterfront Bar (Est. 1974)
  • Port Vila Boatyard – Vanuatu’s full service marine repair and haul out facility (Est. 1995)
  • Marine Surveyors & Consultants Vanuatu – Vanuatu’s most experienced and qualified yacht, superyacht and ship surveyors (Est. 2013)
  • Asanvari Bay Yacht Club – Asanvari Bay, Maewo (Est 1990)

This collaboration of Vanuatu’s most established and innovative marine businesses means better services and support for all customers using VYSA member businesses. “We have cemented our relationships for the greater good of all of our customers and for better more directed development of the industry within Vanuatu”. “We all realize that a close working collaboration is the only way for the industry to grow in our country”. “We want to make sure that Vanuatu does not end up with a thin and fickle marine industry that can not support the projected growth in the region”. “We have seen many expat service providers come and go over the years who damage the countries reputation and without any meaningful contribution to the long-term growth of Vanuatu’s marine industry”. “That negative publicity is a trend the VYSA aims to mitigate through this important unification of contributing member businesses”. “We have a strict code of ethics and conduct for members and we screen all new applicants carefully.” “All new members have demonstrated to us that they meet the associations requirements, that they are here to stay and to make their contribution to the local economy and to the growth of the marine tourism industry”.

The VYSA is setting the benchmark for quality services and support to ensure that yachting tourism is supported in the best possible way. The VYSA is the countries only yachting industry association and is endorsed by Vanuatu’s department of tourism which it works closely with for the development of this important segment of Vanuatu’s tourism industry.

With regards to yachting tourism there is much work ahead for both The Vanuatu Yacht & Superyacht Association and for Vanuatu’s Department of Tourism which is something that the two have embraced and are are taking in their stride. This initiative has been commended by various government departments all of whom see the importance of a close collaboration of private sector stakeholders, by way of a trade industry association working with local government departments.

“Each month we see new interest in Vanuatu as a yacht and superyacht destination and we are happy to be contributing towards growth and leading the way”.

Aside from the initial task of finding ways to ensure a better experience for those visiting our shores we are looking at ways to enable more local Ni-Vanuatu working as seasonal and later full-time crew on yachts. One of our member businesses Vanuatu Yacht Services – directed by Claire Barkhuizen and Justin Jenkin launched this initiative a few years back and have trained several excellent local yacht guides who regularly travel aboard superyachts to provide their customers with a truly unique Vanuatu experience. VYS and their guides have been praised by several superyacht captains and owners all of whom wanted to take the VYS guides with them when they were leaving the country. “We are very proud of our guides and as we train more we hope to then be able to give them the opportunity to experience traveling aboard yachts to other counties….as long as they come back home afterwards!”

Anyone wishing to contact the VYSA can send their message to:

See the links to some of the VYSA member businesses below:

Asanvari Bay Yacht Club

Yachting World Vanuatu

Marine surveyors & Consultants Vanuatu

Port Vila Boatyard

Vanuatu Yacht Services



I was fortunate enough to happen upon Claire and Justin from Vanuatu Yacht Services soon after I arrived in Port Vila.

I actually arrived by plane several days ahead of Alive (a 66ft canting keel reichel pugh racing yacht) and her 16 person crew as they completed the Melbourne to Vanuatu yacht race. My daunting task was to prepare all the things needs to get a Grand Prix racer and her large crew through customs, through quarantine, fed, accommodated, and prepared for the return journey as well as a organise a large function to celebrate the completion of the race. I had no idea how big a task I had set myself!

Fortunately I found Claire and Justin almost by accident but who proved to be absolutely fantastic.

I can not recommend them highly enough. They solved every single problem associated with a race boat and her large crew without even missing a beat.

To start, the clearance in and out of the country was smooth despite the Sunday arrival and Sunday departure (anyone who knows Vanuatu will know that this is a small miracle)!

Justin found us berthage (quite difficult for 4.5m draft) and water transport while Claire organised land transport, caterers, equipment and food. No request was too big or too small, and all of this in advance of the boat arriving and all at very short notice and no warning!

Justin through Port Vila Boat Services also arranged to have the boat cleaned thoroughly both inside and out, as well as all of the wet weather gear and berth cushions, which certainly made our trip home much more palatable.

I thoroughly recommend Justin, Claire, their staff, Vanuatu Yacht Services and Port Vila boat yard.

Kate Hine

Team Manager

Alive Yachting


Vanuatu Ecotours

Vanuatu Ecotours

Every so often, we have the opportunity to showcase some of Vanuatu’s treasures. Pascal Guillet is the owner and operator of Vanuatu Ecotours. Pascal shares our passion for bringing people close to the real Vanuatu, while integrating and empowering indigenous Ni-Vanuatu through training and employment.

Pascal is practical and adventurous, so you can feel safe in the hands of this boy scout extraordinaire. Whether hiking into the wilderness, kayaking,  horse riding or one of the numerous sports and activities Pascal is adept in, you can be rest assured you will return to your yacht for sunset cocktails on time.

We appreciate Pascal’s “leave no footprint” philosophy, and his genuine love for the outdoors coupled with his empathy for humans, Pascal creates opportunities to go deeper within as you explore the beauty of Vanuatu’s archipelago.

Pascal is available to guide tailor made excursions throughout the archipelago. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Email for more information.


Vanuatu Ecotours

Pentecost Vanuatu Ecotours


Vanuatu Tanna Lake   Vanuatu La Colle




Fresh Food in Vanuatu

Fresh Food in Vanuatu

It is the middle of May, so we are in between seasons. Autumn is a favourite time of year for food, as farmers begin to grow typical temperate “summer” vegetables like tomatoes.

Today we found a few delicious avocados remaining, next week there may be none.

Firm and tasty pumpkins have begun to grace the marketplace.

There is a great quantity of citrus in particular the sweet and organic mandarins. Get used to seeds… there is no hybrid fruit in Vanuatu. Only ORGANIC.

We anticipate tomatoes, wild raspberries and pineapples, among other delightful tropical fare during the winter / cruising season.

The final two images here are from inside the supermarket, and this represents mostly imported fresh produce.

DSCN1084 DSCN1082 DSCN1081 DSCN1080 DSCN1079 DSCN1107 DSCN1106 DSCN1105 DSCN1108





























































From top left:

  • Chinese Greens,
  • Danya,
  • Sweet Potato,
  • Pawpaws & Drinking coconuts,
  • Chestnuts & Nakatombol,
  • Christophine,
  • Passionfruit,
  • Crab,
  • Cooking Banana & Manioc,
  • Cabbage,
  • Taro,
  • Basil,
  • Peanuts,
  • Pumpkin & Eggplant, Mandarins, and finally the supermarkets’ imports!

There is a lot more, such as parsley, ginger, coriander and mint. Along with other vegetables and fruits.

The currency VATU has no decimals, therefore 200 vatu represents approximately $2. And 50 vatu represents 50c. We bought a kilo of limes for $1 or 100 vatu today.

The eggplants are delicious cooked in the Asian style – stuffed with minced pork or chicken, flavoured generously with spring onions, fresh mint, coriander, garlic and ginger.

Christophine is the versatile vegetable, and can be used as ubiquitously as onion and potatoes.

Fresh organic local produce is abundant, especially on the island of Efate. Further North on the remote islands between Efate and Santo, there is less variety although there is no shortage of commonplace staples- manioc and taro.

We love eating here, there is never a dull moment. We enjoyed “lolly” last month, which is an ice cream bean and tastes delicious. Fresh cocoa and other treats appear in the market to the great delight of foodies.

We look forward to a hydrating coconut with every visit to the market.

… and that’s how we grow fine sailors!

Ten Reasons We Love The Black Island

Ten Reasons We Love The Black Island

If you read the Events Calendar for 2014, you will have noticed that the island of Ambrym is the center of ceremony and festivals in Vanuatu.

Known for its volcanoes and wizards, Ambrym is the magical heart of Vanuatu.





Ten Reasons to Visit Ambrym:

  1. Many festivals and ceremonies
  2. Lots of accommodation
  3. Active volcano and ash plane
  4. You can get around on foot
  5. You can get around by truck
  6. Proximal to major centers, Port Vila and Santo
  7. Rom Dance
  8. Tam Tams
  9. Best trekking and hikes
  10. Magical

See Vanuatu Aelan Walkabaot for details on hiking and trekking on the island.





Real Goods & Services

Real Goods & Services

When you use Yacht Services Vanuatu not only do you get the dedicated & professional services of Vanuatu’s best superyacht agent, you also have access to a full compliment of goods and services provided by our own established businesses.


These businesses are the only fully insured and licensed marine businesses in Vanuatu.



1) Port Vila Boatyard (Technical Support Team and Marine Store)

2) Marine Surveyors & Consultants Vanuatu (Specialist Surveyors for the IYB and IIMS)

3) Southern Cross Creations (Fine yacht cabinetry and other specialist superyacht repairs)

Our crew are internationally qualified (UK and NZ) and are highly experienced in working on board Superyachts. We provide the most comprehensive and best marine services in Vanuatu.

What we don’t have we can get in for you very quickly for the very best price.

No agency fees or commissions will be applied to any of the services that these sister companies offer when you contact us directly.

If you are in Port Vila on a yacht (whether you have an agent already or not) please come visit us we would love to meet you.