This review just in from Robert who spent 2 weeks aboard Rendezvous with Errol and the Crew.

Hello Errol, Helen and Nixon,

Where do I start and how does one say thank you for such an extraordinary experience.

Nixon, you never stopped swabbing the decks, cleaning the galley, capturing the fish and introducing us to your girl friends on each island and then arranged a wedding for Steve and Donna which joined our two families forever with only a moments notice.

A chief in the making!

Helen, you danced around the rolling deck with glasses of wine and plates of food and never spilt a drop. Tended to injuries and made nipples stand to attention whilst quietly serving all our needs.

A captain of our hearts!!

Errol, forever watchful with safety first but lenient to allow us space to play. Resourceful, commanding and a master mariner and fisherman. Without your people skills a mutiny would have been possible but you massaged our male egos, charmed the girls and blended a crew and passengers to enjoy a passage of adventure and happiness that will be never forgotten. The culinary delights that flowed from the galley continue to amaze us all.

A chef and captain extraordinary!!!

A very big thank you,

Robert and passengers.