Pillars of Vanuatu’s marine industry unite

Pillars of Vanuatu’s marine industry unite

VYS NEWS: Incorporation of Vanuatu’s marine industry association – The Vanuatu Yacht & Superyacht Association

In late 2014 after months of discussions between the key support pillars of Vanuatu’s marine industry, the Vanuatu Yacht & Superyacht Association was realized. This collaboration of the founding members marks a very important step towards meaningful and unified efforts for the real development of the yacht and superyacht industry in Vanuatu.



The founding members of the VYSA are:

  • Vanuatu Yacht Services – Vanuatu Superyacht Support Co. (Superyacht agents) (Est. 2010)
  • Yachting World Marina – (Port Vila Marina, Yacht & Superyacht Support and Waterfront Bar (Est. 1974)
  • Port Vila Boatyard – Vanuatu’s full service marine repair and haul out facility (Est. 1995)
  • Marine Surveyors & Consultants Vanuatu – Vanuatu’s most experienced and qualified yacht, superyacht and ship surveyors (Est. 2013)
  • Asanvari Bay Yacht Club – Asanvari Bay, Maewo (Est 1990)

This collaboration of Vanuatu’s most established and innovative marine businesses means better services and support for all customers using VYSA member businesses. “We have cemented our relationships for the greater good of all of our customers and for better more directed development of the industry within Vanuatu”. “We all realize that a close working collaboration is the only way for the industry to grow in our country”. “We want to make sure that Vanuatu does not end up with a thin and fickle marine industry that can not support the projected growth in the region”. “We have seen many expat service providers come and go over the years who damage the countries reputation and without any meaningful contribution to the long-term growth of Vanuatu’s marine industry”. “That negative publicity is a trend the VYSA aims to mitigate through this important unification of contributing member businesses”. “We have a strict code of ethics and conduct for members and we screen all new applicants carefully.” “All new members have demonstrated to us that they meet the associations requirements, that they are here to stay and to make their contribution to the local economy and to the growth of the marine tourism industry”.

The VYSA is setting the benchmark for quality services and support to ensure that yachting tourism is supported in the best possible way. The VYSA is the countries only yachting industry association and is endorsed by Vanuatu’s department of tourism which it works closely with for the development of this important segment of Vanuatu’s tourism industry.

With regards to yachting tourism there is much work ahead for both The Vanuatu Yacht & Superyacht Association and for Vanuatu’s Department of Tourism which is something that the two have embraced and are are taking in their stride. This initiative has been commended by various government departments all of whom see the importance of a close collaboration of private sector stakeholders, by way of a trade industry association working with local government departments.

“Each month we see new interest in Vanuatu as a yacht and superyacht destination and we are happy to be contributing towards growth and leading the way”.

Aside from the initial task of finding ways to ensure a better experience for those visiting our shores we are looking at ways to enable more local Ni-Vanuatu working as seasonal and later full-time crew on yachts. One of our member businesses Vanuatu Yacht Services – directed by Claire Barkhuizen and Justin Jenkin launched this initiative a few years back and have trained several excellent local yacht guides who regularly travel aboard superyachts to provide their customers with a truly unique Vanuatu experience. VYS and their guides have been praised by several superyacht captains and owners all of whom wanted to take the VYS guides with them when they were leaving the country. “We are very proud of our guides and as we train more we hope to then be able to give them the opportunity to experience traveling aboard yachts to other counties….as long as they come back home afterwards!”

Anyone wishing to contact the VYSA can send their message to: thevysa@gmail.com

See the links to some of the VYSA member businesses below:

Asanvari Bay Yacht Club

Yachting World Vanuatu

Marine surveyors & Consultants Vanuatu

Port Vila Boatyard

Vanuatu Yacht Services

Real Goods & Services

Real Goods & Services

When you use Yacht Services Vanuatu not only do you get the dedicated & professional services of Vanuatu’s best superyacht agent, you also have access to a full compliment of goods and services provided by our own established businesses.


These businesses are the only fully insured and licensed marine businesses in Vanuatu.



1) Port Vila Boatyard (Technical Support Team and Marine Store)

2) Marine Surveyors & Consultants Vanuatu (Specialist Surveyors for the IYB and IIMS)

3) Southern Cross Creations (Fine yacht cabinetry and other specialist superyacht repairs)

Our crew are internationally qualified (UK and NZ) and are highly experienced in working on board Superyachts. We provide the most comprehensive and best marine services in Vanuatu.

What we don’t have we can get in for you very quickly for the very best price.

No agency fees or commissions will be applied to any of the services that these sister companies offer when you contact us directly.

If you are in Port Vila on a yacht (whether you have an agent already or not) please come visit us we would love to meet you.

Port Vila Boatyard

Port Vila Boatyard

The Boatyard Team are keeping themselves busy maintaining the local yachts. These guys are great and all do fantastic work. We are busy campaigning hard for new business to keep all the staff gainfully employed and at the same time supporting Vanuatu’s slow growing marine industry by keeping the boats that we take care of well maintained and running smoothly. Keep up the good work boys and get ready for more…! We say bring on the season and bring in more yachts for us to service.

Quality technical services and support

Quality technical services and support

Vanuatu Yacht Services also owns the Port Vila Boatyard. Our yard is a full service facility offering a range of technical services and support to local and visiting yachts. Our hydraulic trailer system can accommodate both mono and multi-hulls up to 25 tons. We also offer on/in the water services and repairs to yachts moored in Port Vila. Visit our website www.portvilaboatyard.com