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Technical Services

Port Vila Boatyard

The Port Vila Boatyard offers in water repairs & maintenance services to vessels of all sizes and a haul out facility for yachts and vessels up to 25 tons.





Location: Pontoon Bay, Port Vila (just west of the cruise ship wharf) The Port Vila Boatyard is easily accessed by landing your tender on the Boatyard Beach.

Bar and watersports: The Boatyard has recently added a beach bar/cafe called “The Boatyard Bar” on the front of the property / beach. Crew are welcome to pop in for a refreshment (Open on cruise ship days and on Sunday’s for club sailing/racing).

On Water Support for Large Yachts: The Boatyard has a team of experienced tradesmen and if required for certain work they will only recommend trusted subcontractors with a proven track record.

Marine Chandlery: The Boatyard has a well stocked marine store and they also regularly bring in special orders for customers from their network of reliable international suppliers.

Rubbish Disposal: The Boatyard will take your used fuel/oil filters and waste oil. Disposal of garbage is not allowed in town, The Boatyard can take your garbage away and dispose of it correctly.

Other Services include: Haul out, Painting & Varnishing, Mechanical Repairs & Service, Welding, Machining, Timber work & Fine Cabinetry, Full or Partial Deck Sanding, Polishing & Waxing, Diving Services, Marine Surveying, Hull Cleaning and Inspections and more…

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