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Every so often, we have the opportunity to showcase some of Vanuatu’s treasures. Pascal Guillet is the owner and operator of Vanuatu Ecotours. Pascal shares our passion for bringing people close to the real Vanuatu, while integrating and empowering indigenous Ni-Vanuatu through training and employment.

Pascal is practical and adventurous, so you can feel safe in the hands of this boy scout extraordinaire. Whether hiking into the wilderness, kayaking,  horse riding or one of the numerous sports and activities Pascal is adept in, you can be rest assured you will return to your yacht for sunset cocktails on time.

We appreciate Pascal’s “leave no footprint” philosophy, and his genuine love for the outdoors coupled with his empathy for humans, Pascal creates opportunities to go deeper within as you explore the beauty of Vanuatu’s archipelago.

Pascal is available to guide tailor made excursions throughout the archipelago. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Email for more information.


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